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24th September 2018
64-bit RheoPower 5.0 analyses still more accurate thanks to developments. Easy to deploy databases. Read more >>

16th April 2017
Tommi Borg visits for your meetings at Chinaplas May 16-19, 2017 - Guangzhou, PR China.

24th November 2015
New published paper "Linear viscoelastic model for different flows based on control theory", Appl. Rheol. Read more >>

7th November 2014
RheoPower 4.3 is also available as true 64-bit for heavy computations. Read more >>

20th August 2014
Tommi Borg gives an oral presentation at The International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) September 21-24, 2014 - Valencia, Spain. >>

Customer Satisfaction Survey and Feedback Anonymously

Please help us to develop RheoPower Software Package by completing this short survey.

We will use your feedback to determine how we can improve our future software versions.

Confidently and Anonymously

Filling of this form can be done anonymously. Your identification information or email address are not required.
The only identification information we can see later on, is the IP address of the computer your web browser is on. As there are many dozen visitors daily on our web pages it is nearly impossible to identify the sender. We promise not to use that information to track you down, but if you are really concerned about anonymity, you should consider submitting your comments from a public computer.

Survey and Questions

Your experience with RheoPower software Package.

Not downloaded, only interested about used theory and principle
Lite Free
RheoPower Package Lite
RheoPower version with SQL
RheoPower with many versions

Did you find difficulties with installations?

Not succeed to install
After some tunings
Easily without any problems

Which of the following statements best describes you?

Working at polymerization plants
Working in other commercial company
Working at academic institution
Only generally interested

How easy it was to operate with the program at the beginning 1 being very difficult, 5 being very easy.

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

How easy it is to operate with the program 1 being very difficult, 5 being very easy.

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5

How often do you use RheoPower?

Several times a day
Monthly or less
In the future

What package section(s) you hope improvement(s)?

Usability and interface
Accuracy of results
More published results, case studies
Background of principle and used theory
Manuals and Help system

Do you have any additional thoughts or comments that you would like to include in this survey?

Leave this empty:

* Information is optional

You can also contact us by e-mail:

Leave this empty:

Purpose of this Survey

Using your valuable time for few minutes may helps a lot developments for rheology, polymer analyses, viscoelastic properties and understanding more microstructures of macromolecules in future.

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