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14th November 2019
Updated RheoPower 5.1 package is now available.

24th September 2018
64-bit RheoPower 5.0 analyses still more accurate thanks to developments. Easy to deploy databases. Read more >>

16th April 2017
Tommi Borg visits for your meetings at Chinaplas May 16-19, 2017 - Guangzhou, PR China.

24th November 2015
New published paper "Linear viscoelastic model for different flows based on control theory", Appl. Rheol. Read more >>

7th November 2014
RheoPower 4.3 is also available as true 64-bit for heavy computations. Read more >>

20th August 2014
Tommi Borg gives an oral presentation at The International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) September 21-24, 2014 - Valencia, Spain. >>

Hot Fix Archieve

Topic: Importing Viscoelastic Data (Version 4.1)

I get an error message at some point later on when I have imported viscoelastic data as a function of angular frequency [rad/s] and not frequency [Hz] or [1/s].

In the version 4.2 these bugs are corrected. Only when you want to get relaxation modulus, spectrum or other time depended properties, the scales are converted to frequency [Hz] or [1/s] and time [s].

Software has developed using on Frequency [Hz] or [1/s] scales as RheoPower is capable of producing relaxation modulus, spectrum and many other time depend properties and simulations. Using angular frequency [rad/s] on charts may conflicts some time depend procedures and not yet fixed all possible alternatives.

Possible Solutions: 1. You can import data as a function of Angular Frequency [rad/s], save on database and compute MWD as normally. But before doing something else select on “Record in databases and feeding new records” window Frequency [Hz] or [1/s] radiobutton. See figure.

Select Frequency [Hz] radiobutton instead Angular Frequency [rad/s] radiobutton.

2. An alternative is to convert dynamic viscoelastic data beforehand on rheometer output or Excel file as a function of Frequency [Hz]. This bug is corrected on next version.

Connecting to Microsoft SQL databases (Version 4.1)

During installing RheoPower package connects automatically an Administrator and standard Users to the Microsoft SQL 2005 Express databases. For their security reasons and depending your PC configurations the connection for the other users may have to do manually. There are several ways as using Transact-SQL, but here is explained the simplest way. RheoPower Lite does not have SQL databases.

Possible Solutions: Read one page for connection and configuration Connecting to Microsoft SQL databases for a standard User
Hint: If you have to delete RheoPower databases for some reason as RheoDefault database, before reinstalling you have to uninstall at first SQL 2005 Express.
Hint 2: RheoPower also runs on 2008 and 2012 SQL Servers. On the installation CD are ready some scripts and databases.

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