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14th November 2019
Updated RheoPower 5.1 package is now available.

24th September 2018
64-bit RheoPower 5.0 analyses still more accurate thanks to developments. Easy to deploy databases. Read more >>

16th April 2017
Tommi Borg visits for your meetings at Chinaplas May 16-19, 2017 - Guangzhou, PR China.

24th November 2015
New published paper "Linear viscoelastic model for different flows based on control theory", Appl. Rheol. Read more >>

7th November 2014
RheoPower 4.3 is also available as true 64-bit for heavy computations. Read more >>

20th August 2014
Tommi Borg gives an oral presentation at The International Conference on Polyolefin Characterization (ICPC) September 21-24, 2014 - Valencia, Spain. >>

Polymer Technology Solutions from the New Standpoint. -Now chocking results with new 64 bit version.

Software tools for polymerization, converting, research, rising quality and accelerating your product developments.

Our Mission

Better principle and software for modelling viscoelasticity

Long period dream was proper linear relations between polymer structure and properties. Our mission was to develop polymer technologies for manufacturing industry based on the actual relations. Another target was to get easy to use software package for analyses and simulations. Finally, the long period puzzle has got the solution, which provides new benefits and features by programs and principle. -Shortly not only MWD, but other information from rheology.

What is background

Viscoelastic model by fundamental Control Theory

Control Theory principle was used from ancient times to the present modern technology, but for some reason not earlier in rheology. Principle is well described in Mathematics and accpeted in science. Our linear viscoelastic model starts from the dimensions of statistical chain tube. Another introduced is Rheologically Effective Distribution (RED) for different flow states has similarities with the GPC/SEC chromatography elugrams. Read more.

We deliver

Practical software for structure analyses and flow simulations

The RheoPower rheology software package is the fastest way to analyze and to simulate polymer structure and flows. It accelerates your material development and design of polymerization, extrusion, injection moulding processes down to microstructure analyzes. By RheoPower you do not get only Molecular Weight Distribution (MWD) or respective MMD, but modelled different type polymer flows even impossible to measure.

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