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XML in Practice

XML is Easy to Use In Practice in Data Exchange

We illustrate just one button click procedure by standard importing window used with the most programs:

When you choose File | Open to display the file open dialog box and select data file for importing by clicking once on the file name, software detects *.xml file type. –That is all on the user standpoint and you have imported all data on your program or exported by File | Save *.xml file.

Internally in the software it reads at first source information and tries to find data between familiar elements between tags according to IUPAC RheoML standard, some examples:

<DMA> Dynamic Mechanical Analysis data ...........</DMA>
<RVM> Rotational Viscometry data .....................</RVM>
<CVM> Capillary Viscosimetry data .....................</CVM>

As a summary all data and information for importing is just one button click procedure and different programs on different platforms exchange data accurately.

For example RheoPower detects internally, if data is according to RheoML or new own RheoPowerML schema for additional data.

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