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Present Situation

Present Situation in Rheology

A good example for proceedings is XML Export option and already done by TA Instruments according to What’s New in TRIOS Software V2.1 their leaflet:

“TRIOS software now offers the ability to export data to XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format. The XML format is a universal data format which can be perfectly adapted to the structure of the test data. The XML data format allows for seamless portability and readability of data between third-party programs and devices. Usually, the XML file content is presented in a viewer friendly way based on a so-called Schema Definition (XSD-File). TRIOS offers two structure files, the RheoML and the TA schema. The RheoML structure is designed for rotational rheometer and capillary data. The TA structure file exports the data of all TAI instruments including Rheology and Thermal Analysis instruments.”

Some other rheometer manufacturers or data providers can generate XML data, but their forms can vary or is not public.

Some of dozens of rheometer manufacturers listed in the alphabetical order: Anton Paar, Göttfert, Malvern, TA-Instruments, Thermo Scientific and Shimadzu.

Data Providers

Rheological data providers are besides polymerization plants, numerous universities and some commercial laboratories. They have different equipments and styles. Only some of commercial laboratories are here mentioned: ATS RheoSystems, Datapointlabs, Gammadot Rheology and Intertek, but numerous other delivers of some data files are done daily.

Standpoint in the third-party software companies and programs

Rheological and viscoelastic data are imported more or less somehow manually to close a hundred of different software programs. Only some company or product names are listed here:

Dassault Systèms, e-Xstream, Flow Science, Fluid Dynamics, Iris, Moldex3D, Moldflow, Polymerfem, RheoChart, RheoWare, RheoPower, Simcon.

A lot of human recourses are used in vain for this non-productive work. The same XML files can be used easily by different programs on different platforms as Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac OS X/Apple.

Every software programmer can make software code to produce or import XML files, but sample files help and are good for validly check for programmers:

1. Schema Definition (XSD-File) specially if it differs from RheoML or is added something on the original RheoML.

2. A lot of help gives at least one sample file produced by provider program only for testing purposes. This is not needed to be true measured data, but surely coders for XML export option have done some data sample. Of course data cannot be in the crypt form.

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